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Nightmare Mug Rug - Made to Order

Nightmare Mug Rug - Made to Order


Nightmare Before Christmas Mug Rug.


These are not your boring dull mug rugs/coasters.  These are FUN mug rugs! This unique handmade mug rug is perfect for those who love coffee or tea and love Jack and Sally.

This Nightmare before Christmas mug rug is the perfect addition to any spooky-themed home! Featuring iconic characters from The Nightmare Before Christmas, this mug rug is great for Halloween decorating or to show your love of Halloween all year round.


You can choose the color of the fabric for your mug rug. Your fabric color choices are: Black with white thread or white with black thread as shown.


Each Mug Rug measures 4-3/4"  x 6-3/4". The mug rugs are made using cotton fabric and quilt batting. They have a quilted design in the back round and the main design is embroidered on. The mug rugs are machine washable if you, like me, occasionally spill your drink.


These are Made to Order! All mug rugs include shipping.


Care: machine wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. Mug rug can be ironed flat after drying.



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