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About me

My name is Cheryl. My "Official Title" is Chief Creator and Empress of Embroidery.

In other words, I sew stuff. I create fun items using my embroidery machines. And I am the owner of Cheryl's Quilts & Crafts. I'm a mom to 3 children and 3 cats. I love going to concerts and MMA events. I also train Gracie Jiu Jitsu.

I started my little business in 2005 after being hit by a dru

 My right knee was shattered, both my lungs collapsed and I spent 5 days in the hospital. After I got out I wasn't able to do much besides rest and physical therapy. A family member brought me her sewing machine and asked me to make curtains for her. I fell in love with sewing. I started picking up books on sewing and quilting, took a few classes, watched videos and tutorials. I immersed myself in this new found art. I started making quilts and all kinds of different items as gifts for friends and family. My first big quilt was a t-shirt quilt for my brother using his high school t-shirts, then a quilt for my son's 7th birthday, which he still uses on his bed to this day. More gifts for family followed from tote bags, to purses and wallets to Christmas stockings. And when I found out I was expecting a few months later I made my daughters crib set. And I've just grown and expanded from there. I always had this as a hobby, and then it grew to a second income, a job I did after my regular full time job. But to me it never seemed like work. In February 2014 I left my full time job to pursue my dream of having my own business. This is my passion and what I love to do. I love sewing. I love the process of creating something out of nothing but pieces of fabric. I love sharing my creations with other people and am so proud to know that items I created are being used by people all over the world. Not only do I sell the items I create online, I also sell at local craft shows. I love meeting people and sharing the items I create.


My studio is located in southern NJ, 15 minutes outside of Philadelphia.  Most of my items are custom made for you specifically. I work with you to create a one of a kind item. My creations are made to be durable and made to last. I stand behind my work 100%. Most of my customers come from my friends and family, then referrals and word of mouth advertising from them. It is my hope that you will share my business with your friends and family so that I can continue to live my dream.

If you have a question, feel free to email me

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My Design Philosophy

 I love making my items using character inspired prints. I'm a big geek at heart  <3


As an artist, I respect the work of other crafters/artists. If you request an item made exactly like something you saw on another website, I will not copy it. I can make something similar but will add my own personal touches and style to it.

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