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Bumble Child Size Hooded Towel - Ready to Ship

Bumble Child Size Hooded Towel - Ready to Ship

$38.00 Regular Price
$33.00Sale Price

Bumble Hooded Towel. This is a child size hooded towel and will fit newborns to age 10/12 years depending on the child's height.


The design on the hood is made from a washable Marine Vinyl.


The Child Size hooded towel is made from a standard size bath towel. The towel measures approximately 30 inches by 52 inches long. The child size hooded towel is $36 including Priority Mail shipping.



Care: Wash towel in warm water with like colors. For the first wash a color catcher is included. Dry at a normal temperature but do not over dry. Lint can transfer from the towel to the hood. Use a lint brush or tape to remove.


This is Ready to Ship

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