• Nickel Wallet, the Minimalist Wallet


    The Nickel Wallet is a a minimalist style wallet for carrying just the essentials. One smaller center pocket perfect for cash and a smaller pocket on both the front and back perfect for your ID and a credit/debit card.

    The exterior pocket is made from Printed Vinyl. The main pocket is made from a coordinating solid color marine vinyl. Each one is Traced, Hand Cut and Sewn! Each one measures approx 4" W x 2.5" H (at tallest point)

    Choose from over 50 designs!! Each is made to order! In the BUYERS NOTES Please write the corresponding NUMBER of the design that you would like, along with the Color Vinyl you would like for the main pocket!

    The following prints are available:
    1. Pikachu
    2. Assorted Pokemon
    3. Deadpool
    4. Punisher
    5. Captain America
    6. Spiderman
    7. Groot
    8. Marvel assorted characters
    9. Marvel characters in rectangles
    10. Batman
    11. Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Batgirl
    12. Wonder Woman
    13. World of Warcraft
    14. Pac-man
    15. TMNT heads
    16. Five Nights at Freddy’s
    17. Minecraft
    18. Studio Ghibli
    19. Sailor Moon
    20. Rainbow Brite
    21. Zelda
    22. TMNT tossed heads/pizza
    23. Mario bros theme
    24. Pennywise
    25. Mouse ear hats
    26. Naruto clouds
    27. Tardis
    28. Neverending Story
    29. Supernatural figures
    30. Supernatural symbols
    31. Star Wars strike back (brown)
    32. Star Wars heroes
    33. Star Wars original trilogy characters
    34. Hocus Pocus
    35. Pusheen
    36. My Little Pony
    37. Coraline standing
    38. Coraline with house
    39. Tattoos
    40. Lord of the Rings
    41. Disney Villians
    42. Disney characters standing
    43. Sketch Disney Princesses
    44. Gryffindor
    45. Hufflepuff
    46. Ravenclaw
    47. Slytherin
    48. Fantastic Beasts
    49. Harry Potter assorted Gryffindor items (gray)
    50. Harry Potter assorted characters
    51. NBC Jack and Zero (black)
    52. NBC characters on orange
    53. NBC Jack heads on black
    54. NBC Jack heads on white
    55. NBC asst characters on white
    56. NBC Jack and Sally on gray


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